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The History

Mr. Ganapathy Natarajan is the father of The Grand Sweets And Snacks. This story has humble beginnings in Mr. G. Natarajan’s house, where he started the first outlet, in the Madras of 1982. Slowly and gradually, over period of decades, this home business grew into a brand, that is now renowned worldwide.

The story of The Grand Sweets And Snacks is incomplete without Mr. Natarajan’s wife, Srimati Bangaruamma. Her culinary skills, soaked in her personal recipes, is the secret to the special and unique South Indian taste of The Grand Sweets And Snacks.  

Our main offerings at The Grand Sweets And Snacks are the unique and specialized South Indian sweets, snacks, podis, thokkus and countless others. The specialty items of the Grand Sweets And Snacks are the adhirasam, the murukkus, the mixture and several other classics. We, at The Grand Sweets And Snacks are particular about not using preservatives in any of our preparations.

Because of the homely feel of the store and the quality of the products, the word about the brand soon started spreading. The most important part of The Grand Sweets And Snacks is the innate South Indian culture that lies at the heart of the brand. Over the years, the brand too has become an inseparable part of the Tamilian culture and has turned into, what many call ‘A South Indian Tradition‘.

As the demand for these sweets and snacks grew and our store started to grow into an even larger enterprise, the kitchen had to expand. The cooks and masters were cherry picked so as to preserve the esteemed name of this brand. Each person in the kitchen is an expert in his or her specialized dish. The masters and cooks are the driving force behind the dishes and the delicacies that are offered at the stores. There are more than 50 masters who keep the show running. With new masters on-board, the offerings of the store also expanded.

Many of these cooks have been with the brand for more than 30 years. Take for example Rukmini Mami a.k.a. Poli mami. The soft-spoken septuagenarian has been making polis - Mangalore and Thengai polis at Grand Sweets And Snacks for the last 28 years. One prominent figure is Valli Mami. She has been preparing Thattais for 13 years at this massive kitchen. Another specialty person, is Ramaraj Master, who has been in the kitchen for 34 years. He has, till date, made over 2 million kgs of special mixture in his lifetime. Rajan Master has been making polis for over 32 years; this counts to his contribution of some 8 lakh kgs of polis i.e 16 Million polis in his lifetime.  Devi Mami has been with the brand for 11 plus years; She is the secret behind the crunchy Hand Murukkus that are sold across all stores.  

These masters and cooks are the real assets of our home-like food factory. The secret to the homely touch of The Grand Sweets And Snacks lies here. The preparations are made with a home-like setting, which also reflects in the ambience of all stores alike.

The cooks together with our loyal customers have led to the expansion of the brand. Today, we have 20 outlets across Chennai city. On popular demand of the customers, The Grand Sweets And Snacks has now launched an exclusive online store to cater to the their worldwide clientele.

A master kitchen is located in the suburban area of Chennai. Several times a day, a fresh lot of sweets and snack preparations are transported to the 20 outlets in Chennai. Each item is freshly prepared. Hygiene and high quality ingredients are the top priorities of the brand.  The Grand Sweets and Snacks uses authentic old school methods of cooking till this day. While most other brands have now become corporations, using production oriented options, we, at The Grand Sweets And Snacks still believe in sticking to our core values; using traditional methods to get that flavor and taste that people savor.

In 2009, we also launched a chain of branded restaurants. The restaurants serve authentic south Indian food in all outlets. The most favorite products of customers are: Mysore Pak, Adhirasam, Pista roll and Badusha.  Our outlets in Adyar, T Nagar and Chetpet are famous among the foodies and hard-core Chennaites. Apart from these sweets the Grand Sweets And Snacks also hosts a huge collection of Podis, Thokkus and Pickles. The snacks including Murukku, Seedai and special mixtures are also some of the most liked items by visitors. The Grand Sweets and Snacks also makes special South Indian mixes and maavus, like the rice mix and the dosai mix.

The Grand Sweets And Snacks is seamlessly interwoven into the religious customs and traditions of south India. Part of this has to do with the narratives of the communications that The Grand Sweets And Snacks uses to communicate with its customers. But, most of it comes from the one of a kind custom at The Grand Sweets And Snacks. Traditionally, The Grand Sweets And Snacks would distribute a sweet dish called akkaravadasal; a special mixture of rice and sugar in classic Indian bowls called, dhonnais. People would come from far away just to pick up a bowl of this classic preparation.  Everyone in the city has heard of the practice of an elderly Brahmin stationed at the store, enlightening people with religious handouts and booklets. This is why and how The Grand Sweets And Snacks is an evangelist of religious and spiritual awakening.

The core of The Grand Sweets and Snacks is to fulfill each and every Food - wish of the customer across the globe. With the online store, we hope to cater to anyone and everyone who wishes to taste the original South Indian flavor, which is becoming rarer by the day.

Some classic grand sweets newspaper advertisements from the past...

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